Friday, 29 April 2016

Secrets in their

Of recent, most of the movies displayed on DSTV Box office are average.  This is one of them.  Forget about the star studded casts.  Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman and Julia Robert feature in this movie. I think this should be the least appealing movie I’ve seen either one of them feature.

Secret in their eyes is a remake of an Argentine crime thriller which bears name.  In this movie, (Hollywood version), Ejiofor plays the role of a former FBI detective, Ray Kasten.  Julia Robert is Jessica Cobb, a colleague to Ray.  Thirteen years back, they worked together.  It was during this period that the daughter of the character played by Julia Robert got killed and body disposed in a bin.

Even after many years, Ray Kastern is determined to hunt down the killer.  He tries to convince the D.A to reopen the case.  Nicole Kidman is Claire Stone, a Harvard trained lawyer who works with the D.A as well.
The story looks good to some extent but the presentation was poor.  The acting was quite amateurish for such veteran actors.  Ray Karsten appears to use every trick in his book including subliminal suggestion to get what he wants.  Ray and Claire obviously have a crush on each other but the best they did was to look into each other’s eyes and blush.  This cat and mouse behavior of theirs began 13 years back during the post 9/11 disaster.  

The movie shifts between 13 years ago till present day so often that it drags.  But with a cup of coffee, you will enjoy yourself.  Not really what I expected.  I expected to see more suspense which was lacking

Remark: 5/10

The third Image is the clips from the first make of the movie

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