Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tripple 9

My adrenaline rushes whenever I watch a heist movie.  This movie is action packed with lots of gun shootings, explosions and what have you.  It’s   also star studded as well.

A five man team of professionals are contracted by a female Russian mobster, Irene (played by kate Winslet) to execute a heist.  They rob a vault to deliver a set of secret codes to the mobster.  Two police officers make up this team.

The first robbery goes on well but the maffia queen is not satisfied with the outcome.  She withholds their payment and insists they go for another one.  As fate has it, one of the men, Terrel Tompkins (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) is married to the sister of the mafia queen and they both have a son.   

The queen loves the son so much but loathes the father.  She deprives him of seeing his son until he carries out the second mission.

The second robbery is deadlier than the first and also well executed.  He delivers the package and gets his money but things don’t end well after that.

 Chiwetel puts up a brilliant performance.  There’s also Casey Affleck and Anthony Mack to mention a few. 
The movie takes an unexpected twist after Terrel is shot dead by a greedy police officer.  It’s a decent story to watch.  I’ll score it 7/10

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