Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Gun Man

This is an action movie bordering around political machinations.  Sean Penn plays the role of a mercenary sniper, codename Terrier, who’s hired by a clandestine organization to take down the minister of mines of the Congo.

The assassination was successful but Terrier escapes the scene to avoid any repercussion.  Several years later, he returns to Congo working with an NGO.  As fate has it, its payback time.  He has to face a deadly strike force in connection to the hit job he did.

As the name implies, I expected to see rapid exchange of gun fires, crazy stunts and lots of explosions but that wasn’t the case.  Penn is a deeply troubled man with health issues affecting his sight. 

The story is a bit generic.  Sean Penn is the major reason for watching the movie, and of course,  Idris Elba.  
 How could I have forgotten him?  You wouldn’t blame me for that, and this is the reason: Elba appeared only in two scenes and that’s towards the end.  His role as far as I’m concerned is inconsequential.  But Idris is a fantastic actor. 

I watched a scene where Terrier and his girlfriend were supposed to be in Congo.  They slept in a room with large windows wide opened without mosquito nets.  How possible can this be? If you’ve been in the tropics, you will know what’s it’s like. 
 What I believe you will enjoy the most about the movie is the gun fight as Terrier tries to escape his assailants.  Penn did a brilliant job here.  I saw a lot of spontaneity and dexterity.  The handling of weapons was professional.  If you miss the dialogue, you shouldn’t miss the action scenes.

Remark: 6.7/10. 

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