Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bus 657

If you love a decent story line with a few complexities, this movie is meant for you.  This is an action movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

A father needs to provide funds urgently for his daughter’s treatment.  He works in a casino and is frequents the cash vault.  He seeks his boss assistance but he is turned down, humiliated and assaulted.  Out of desperation, he yields to his colleague who had approached him earlier on to rob the casino.

They proposed a plan and three others joined them.  The plan was poorly executed which led to exchange of gunshots.  The team is stranded as the getaway driver flees from the scene with the vehicle.  As a last resort, they hijacked a bus and the passengers are held hostage.

Robert DeNiro plays the role of the casino owner (Pope).  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the desperate father (Vaughn) and Dave Batista is one of the co-workers (Cox)—the one who lured Vaughn into the heist.  Morris Chesnut plays the role of a P.A

Remark:  6.9/10.  You would expect more tension from such casts.  There were few predictabilities but it ended on a high.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets 9/10 for his act.  He was the best actor so far.

Robert DeNiro 7/10.  He was good but not exceptional.

Dave Batista 8/10.  He plays the role of a tout/bandit very well.  I think he’s the best for this role.

Morris Chesnut. 7/10.  Very few appearances.


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