Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Loft

Five married friends rent a condominium where they carry out their tryst.  Everything seems to go on well until the dead body of a young lady is found on the bed.  She is naked and in handcuffs.  An inscription in 
Latin written with blood is seen at the head of the bed.

The friends are confused and don’t know who to trust.  They accuse one another and this led to a fight.  They are reluctant to involve the police as well.

The movie is a mild thriller with frequent flash backs you need to pay attention to or you get lost.  There’s also a lot dialogue in it as well. 

It starts slowly but it takes a beautiful twist towards the end.  If drama is your favourite genre, you love this piece.  But don’t expect too much from it.  Wentworth Miller (Prison break ) is one of the most prominent stars in the movie. 

Remark:  6.2/10

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